August 23, 2011

Dear Mr. President Obama,

I have the pleasure to send a congratulation note for the first time to an American president, and on behalf of all Africa, and of Cen-Sad, the base of the African pyramid, and on behalf of the Arab Maghreb Union, and in the name of all Arab leaders as I am their dean.


I salute the American people who have chosen you in these historical elections for such a high position, so that you may lead the change that you have promised them and for which they have rallied around you.

We hope that you lead the United States of America on the path of good and respect peoples’ sovereignty and observe the policy of neutrality.

Muammar al-Qadhafi


Muammar Gaddafi’s congratulatory letter to the newly elected President Barack Obama. (via aheram)

HAHAHAHA. The funniest part was when used the words “United States of America” and “policy of neutrality” in the same sentence. Because that policy’s been gone since approximately 1914…

(via theatlantic)

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